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Selflane Was Created to Make All Restaurants Equal
We believe all restaurants should have access to the best-in-class technology solutions they need to thrive, no matter their size. You’ve got enough to think about; technology should be your friend, not your enemy.
About Us

Our Mission

To make restaurateurs’ lives easier with simple, easy-to-use technology solutions that they can trust.

We Are Delivering Technology that Serves

With Selflane’s POS technology solutions in place, you’ll be empowered to make decisions and run your business efficiently and profitably. Think of it as POS success without the struggle. And if issues do arise, you can trust Selflane to provide reliable, responsive customer service without any hidden fees.

You Are The Reason We Do What We Do

Our goal is for you and your business to thrive.

Let’s be honest: Running a restaurant is not easy. When there are not global pandemics to contend with, low margins, high food costs, and heavy competition make a restaurateur’s day-to-day experience stressful enough. You already have enough to battle with to survive—your technology should not be one of them.

That’s exactly why we built Selflane. Our goal is to help restaurants form healthy relationships between their technology, their business, and their customers. We’ve designed our Point-of-Sale (POS) system to be cost-effective, flexible, and uncomplicated to learn, use, and implement. With an ever-growing list of add-on solutions such as online ordering, delivery, loyalty programs, payroll, and more, Selflane gives restaurants the control back and allows proprietors like you to choose the solutions that are a fit for your business, without the risk.

From Main Street independents to large popular chains, Selflane makes life more enjoyable, more profitable, and less stressful for owners and customers alike. With technology hurdles removed, you can focus on doing what you do best—providing outstanding experiences for both your team and your guests.

Are You Ready for a Better Solution?
Join the growing number of restaurants who have implemented our software platform and experience the success for yourself.
About Us