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Selflane has recently partnered with Pony Packaging, a global leader in paper products. Through this partnership we will lower the cost to the consumer by creating a direct relationship with the manufacturer. We will also make paper product purchase more efficient by using sales data to inform a subscription service that will be tuned to your paper consumption. To enroll in this exciting new program use the link below to fill out some basic information regarding your order or contact us directly at Sales Contact.

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POS Version 6.23: Enhancements for a Better Modifier Selection Experience


In POS version 6.23, we have focused on improving the experience of selecting modifiers. The modifier selection process is one of the most frequently used steps by your staff in the restaurant. Easy and quick access to modifiers is critical to speeding up order input and efficiently communicating options to customers. With this in mind, we are introducing several improvements to this procedure.

Improved Modifier Layout

In the new version, modifier choices are smartly laid out horizontally based on the size of the options. The combination of vertical and horizontal scrolling allows users to navigate the modifiers much faster. Matrix modifiers are now presented in a square format, allowing easy combination of prefix and suffix items, with the end results visible on the same screen.


Refreshing Modifier Concepts

To refresh your understanding of the modifier setup, we are reintroducing the following concepts:

Feature: Manage Staff Profile Picture


You likely already use the POS to take and upload staff photos to their profiles. However, did you know that you can also manage profile pictures directly in the back office? This feature allows you to upload better-posed photos for your staff, providing a more professional appearance than the quick snapshots taken with the POS.

To upload profile pictures in the back office:

  1. Navigate to the Team Management Section: Log in to the back office and go to the team management area.
  2. Upload the Photo: Click on the avatar of a staff member and upload a photo.
  3. Save Changes: Save the changes to update the staff member’s profile picture.

This method ensures that your staff profiles are polished and presentable, reflecting a professional image for your business.


New Features in POS App v6.16


Dear Business Owners,

We're sharing some recent updates with you to ensure you're always up to date with our latest enhancements.

For limited access businesses, we've made a significant improvement to our online ordering system. Now, online orders will display the access ID provided by the customer, such as a Club member ID. This change ensures seamless identification and efficient management of orders. If this update applies to your business, please navigate to Back Office Settings -> Profile -> Online Ordering section to update the configuration accordingly.

In addition, we're thrilled to introduce a new feature specifically designed for food trucks. You can now edit and update addresses directly within the POS system. This enhancement simplifies the process of managing location details, allowing food truck operators to maintain accurate and up-to-date information with ease. In the same Setting page, you can update your business type to Food Truck if that applies to you.

New Feature: Service Items


Service Items

A Service Item is a product or service that is automatically attached to all qualified orders. It can be configured as either a percentage or a fixed amount charge.

For instance, if you require a pre-tax percentage fee to be applied to all orders, you can create a service item with a percentage value.

Alternatively, if you need to add a fixed amount charge, such as a utensil fee for all to-go orders, you can create a service item with a specific fixed amount.

Please note that this feature requires POS App version 6.15 or later.

Go to Settings -> Profile in the back office to add it if this applies to your business.

Service Item Form

Reintroduce Devices Management Page


We are reintroducing the Device Management Page to you. This page was under Owner's Portal and we have move it to a better section.

Under the "Performance" section, you'll find "Devices," where you can manage and review all POS devices in one convenient location. Here, you can easily view all connected devices and their assigned printers.

We recommend routinely checking this section to ensure that all devices are correctly configured within the network, and that credit card machines and printers are appropriately assigned.

For instance, you can use this feature to quickly identify outdated installed apps, detect network mismatches, or identify instances where more than one device is turned on to print online orders. This centralized management tool helps streamline device monitoring and ensures smooth operations for your POS system.


POS App 6.11 Features


Enhancements have been implemented to improve logging for order actions, with a specific focus on voiding items and payments. These updates aim to deliver more comprehensive and accurate records, enhancing tracking and accountability within the system.

Accessible through the back office, users can find the same action logs either in the Sales/Action page as a consolidated report or attached to each order when reviewing order details. This allows for easy reference and review of actions taken.

We're committed to ongoing improvement, so stay tuned for further enhancements in upcoming updates as we continue to refine the logging system for an even smoother user experience.


POS App 6.10 Updates


We're happy to announce the latest release of POS App 6.10, packed with several updates to enhance your experience. Here's what you can expect:

  1. Manager Approval for Ticket Transfers:

    • Users now have the option to require manager approval for transferring tickets, adding an extra layer of control and oversight to this process.
    • Turn on this feature in the back office: Team -> Roles, and Sections for Functions need Manager Approval.
  2. Expanded Choices for Deferred Printing Time Settings:

    • Additional choices (10' to 6 hours) have been added to the deferred printing time settings, providing users with more flexibility in configuring printing schedules according to their specific needs.
  3. Manager Approval Exit Button:

    • A new exit button has been added to the manager approval screen, allowing users to navigate away if no manager is available to approve the request. This prevents the screen from becoming stuck, ensuring smooth operation even in the absence of managerial oversight.

Episode 8: Marcus Cassimus from Hello Deli


In our latest episode (Episode 8), we had the privilege of sitting down with Marcus Cassimus, the visionary owner of Hello Deli in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into Marcus's exceptional work ethic and leadership style, unraveling the secrets behind the success of one of Albuquerque's most thriving restaurants. Tune in to gain valuable insights from the man who has shaped Hello Deli into a culinary sensation.

New Feature: Set up Open Delay time


What is Open Delay

Open Delay refers to a feature that allows businesses to delay the start time for online orders beyond the official opening time. For instance, if a business opens at 10:00 AM but requires additional time for staff to prepare and organize, an Open Delay setting can be configured.

Setting an Open Delay of 20 minutes means that online orders will only become available for pickup or processing starting at 10:20 AM, even though the business officially opens at 10:00 AM. This ensures that customers do not arrive precisely at the opening time expecting immediate service, giving staff the necessary time to be fully prepared to meet customer needs effectively.


Set Up Now

Read More About How to Set Up Hours

Daily Item Limits


We are thrilled to announce some fantastic new features on our platform to enhance your experience! 🚀

Daily Item Limits: You are now in control! Set a daily limit for each menu item. By default, the daily limit is unlimited, but you have the power to tailor it to your preference.

Real-time Tracking: Stay in the loop! Our system now diligently counts each menu item when ordered online or through the Point of Sale (POS), giving you and us real-time insights.

Smart Ordering: No more disappointment! Once an item reaches its daily limit, it becomes temporarily unavailable for the day. But don't worry, you can still plan ahead - if the limit for a future date hasn't been reached, go ahead and place your order!



EP7: Sagche’s Coffee House in Santa Fe


Join us for Episode 7 when we talk to Erwin Sagche, the owner and operator of Sagche's Coffee House in Santa Fe, NM. Erwin moved from Guatemala when he was 18 and started working in restaurants in Santa Fe. After 20 years of perseverance and ambition, he has built his restaurant and team. Erwin radiates positivity and passion for his business that is contagious to his staff, allowing him to make a devoted base of customers. Erwin has recently expanded his locally sourced coffee shop to include a dining room with a more robust dinner menu, and he looks forward to growing his restaurant as a Guatemalan community hub in Santa Fe.

Merry Christmas and Holiday Hours


The holiday is approaching. Whether you are taking a break or keeping the lights on, we want to remind you to Review the Hours and keep them up to date. Your customer can place orders according to the hours you set out.

In the hours setting:

  • Weekly Hours are for regular operation setting.
  • Special Hours are for holidays and special events. You can use it to overwrite regular weekly hours for a specific day, either for closing that day or setting different hours.

If you don't have access to edit the hours quickly, please feel free to reach out to us.

Lastly, we wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


EP6: Scott Sullivan Gold Dome Coffee OKC


Gold Dome Coffee is a local coffee shop in Oklahoma City that strongly emphasizes community and quality. The owner, Scott Sullivan, has an action sports background and is comfortable taking risks, so he enthusiastically jumped into the local coffee shop scene. Despite competing with some of the biggest brands in the world, Scott finds joy and humor in running his business from a 100 sqft prefabricated box named after a dome. Gold Dome Coffee stands out because of its connection with every customer, which keeps them returning for more.

EP5: Yashoda Naidoo from Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe


For episode 5, we have the owner of Rush of Prana and Annapurna’s World Vegetarian Cafe, Yashoda Naidoo. Yashoda tells us how she created her own lane for vegetarian and vegan food in NM and some early lessons on running a restaurant. Be sure to tune in on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

Happy Thanksgiving and Update Holiday Hours


The holiday is approaching. Whether you are taking a break or keeping the lights on, we want to remind you to Review the Hours and keep them up to date. Your customer can place orders according to the hours you set out.

In the hours setting:

  • Weekly Hours are for regular operation setting.
  • Special Hours are for holidays and special events. You can use it to overwrite regular weekly hours for a specific day, either for closing that day or setting different hours.

You should review and edit the hours either in the back office or from the POS.

If you don't have access to edit the hours quickly, please feel free to reach out to us.

Lastly, we want to wish your Thanksgiving be full of peace, love, and joy!


POS App Update: v6.01 on Printing


This update concentrates on enhancing printing-related functions, introducing the following improvements:

  • Deferred Printing: You now have the ability to clearly define the timing for order transmission to the kitchen.
  • Transparent Printing Management and Log: Gain visibility with a clear printing management system and log.
  • Solidified Printing: Ensure jobs are consistently and reliably printed.

Hass from Pizza 9 interview


For episode 4, we are joined by Hass Aslami, the owner of Chello Grill, Revel Burger, Pizza 9, and Fundaxi. Hass tells us about the importance of integrity in business and how to run fundraisers with Fundaxi effectively. Be sure to tune in on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

Sham Naik From B2B's Story


This week, we are joined by our first-ever POS customer and the B2B Garden Brewery owner, Sham Naik. In this episode, Sham shares his perspective from spending 40 years in the restaurant industry and seven years using Selflane.

Selflane Podcasts: Charlie Liu


From particle physics to pizza POS systems, Selflane Co-Founder Charlie Liu joins us for episode 2 of the Selflane Restaurant Technology Podcast. Charlie tells us about the genesis of Selflane, hands-on experiences in restaurant operations, and the startup lifestyle in this week's podcast.

Selflane Podcasts


On the Restaurant and Tech Podcast Hosts Kevin Zhou and Isaiah Simpson delve into the world of restaurant technology and the people behind it. With each episode they take a personal look at the people behind the scenes running restaurants and the technology that powers them. Through their stories we learn how their businesses came to be, and how their experiences and values drive their decisions in a competitive field.Every week they bring you new advancements in the industry and how they will impact the individual: owners, servers, resellers, and customers.Subscribe to join us on this journey to better understand our businesses and ourselves.

Updates in POS 5.95


  1. 🛍️ Effortless Reordering with Order History Integration 🛍️
  2. ☎️ Caller ID Service ☎️
  3. 🍽️ Set a Default Party Size 🍽️