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On the Restaurant and Tech Podcast Hosts Kevin Zhou and Isaiah Simpson delve into the world of restaurant technology and the people behind it. With each episode they take a personal look at the people behind the scenes running restaurants and the technology that powers them. Through their stories we learn how their businesses came to be, and how their experiences and values drive their decisions in a competitive field. Every week they bring you new advancements in the industry and how they will impact the individual: owners, servers, resellers, and customers. Subscribe to join us on this journey to better understand our businesses and ourselves.

EP8: Marcus Cassimus from Hello Deli

In our latest episode (Episode 8), we had the privilege of sitting down with Marcus Cassimus, the visionary owner of Hello Deli in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Prepare to be inspired as we delve into Marcus's exceptional work ethic and leadership style, unraveling the secrets behind the success of one of Albuquerque's most thriving restaurants. Tune in to gain valuable insights from the man who has shaped Hello Deli into a culinary sensation.

EP7: Sagche's Coffee House in Santa Fe, NM

Join us for Episode 7 when we talk to Erwin Sagche, the owner and operator of Sagche's Coffee House in Santa Fe, NM. Erwin moved from Guatemala when he was 18 and started working in restaurants in Santa Fe. After 20 years of perseverance and ambition, he has built his restaurant and team. Erwin radiates positivity and passion for his business that is contagious to his staff, allowing him to make a devoted base of customers. Erwin has recently expanded his locally sourced coffee shop to include a dining room with a more robust dinner menu, and he looks forward to growing his restaurant as a Guatemalan community hub in Santa Fe.

Scott Sullivan Gold Dome Coffee OKC

Gold Dome Coffee is a local coffee shop in Oklahoma City that strongly emphasizes community and quality. The owner, Scott Sullivan, has an action sports background and is comfortable taking risks, so he enthusiastically jumped into the local coffee shop scene. Despite competing with some of the biggest brands in the world, Scott finds joy and humor in running his business from a 100 sqft prefabricated box named after a dome. Gold Dome Coffee stands out because of its connection with every customer, which keeps them returning for more.

Yashoda Naidoo from Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe

For episode 5, we have the owner of Rush of Prana and Annapurna's World Vegetarian Cafe, Yashoda Naidoo. Yashoda tells us how she created her own lane for vegetarian and vegan food in NM and some early lessons on running a restaurant. Be sure to tune in on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

Hass from Pizza 9 Interview

For episode 4, we are joined by Hass Aslami, the owner of Chello Grill, Revel Burger, Pizza 9, and Fundaxi. Hass tells us about the importance of integrity in business and how to effectively run fundraisers with Fundaxi. Be sure to tune in on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Podcast.

Sham Naik from B2B's Story

This week, we are joined by our first-ever POS customer and the B2B Garden Brewery owner, Sham Naik. In this episode, Sham shares his perspective from spending 40 years in the restaurant industry and seven years using Selflane.

Episode 002: Charlie's Story

From particle physics to pizza POS systems, Selflane Co-Founder Charlie Liu joins us for episode 2 of the Selflane Restaurant Technology Podcast. Charlie tells us about the genesis of Selflane, hands-on experiences in restaurant operations, and the startup lifestyle in this week's podcast.

Episode 001: Kevin's Story

Welcome to Episode 001 of the Selflane Restaurant and Technology Podcast! Today, we're peeling back the layers and delving into a captivating journey. It's the story of our Co-Founder, Kevin Zhou, from his formative years to the fateful meeting with his co-founder, Charlie Liu. Prepare to be inspired as we uncover the fascinating tale of how it all began. This episode is a glimpse behind the curtain, a chance to understand the vision and passion that brought Selflane to life. So, without further ado, let's dive into the extraordinary journey of Kevin Zhou. Buckle up, listeners. This is where it all started.