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Grow Your Restaurant With Technology You Can Trust
Transparent pricing? Reliable technology? Real human service? It may sound too good to be true, but it’s not. It’s Selflane.

Get a POS System That’s Fit for You

Running a restaurant is tough, and we get it. Finding a simple solution that fits your unique needs often means sifting through bad software that is hard to use, expensive, and inflexible. But Selflane is here to change that.

Stress Less, Save More
Feel confident in your choice of technology with our reliable, cost-effective POS solutions, and our responsive customer service (sans hidden fees). We remove the hurdles so you can worry less and live more.
Take Back Control
You shouldn’t have to mold your business to inflexible technology; your technology should adapt to you. Choose the solutions that fit your business needs at the price point you feel comfortable.
Delight Your Guests
Selflane makes the experience easy for you so you can make the experience easy for your guests. And that’s the name of the game. A positive experience for your guests means repeat business for you.
"The system is super simple. My employees caught on very quickly…I love these guys for making my life easier…Instead of wasting more time, money, and labor, they find ways to simplify Selflane so that you have less to worry about."
Victor S.
Managing Partner of Stripes Burrito Co.

Trusted by Hundreds of Restaurants Nationwide

Restaurateurs turn to our reliable, user-friendly software solutions to do the work for them and unlock the potential of their business.

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